Residential Real Estate

re-financing property

Re-Financing property can be a highly private and personal investment return, which must be dealt with in a very professional manner and the process should be handled with individualized care. At Robertson LLP, we pride ourselves on our ability to keep the entire procedure personalized and as stress free as possible for our clients because we understand them.

No-one likes surprises when it comes to legal fees!
At Robertson LLP, we do not charge extra for items such as monoline lenders and multiple payouts. Our fees do not increase based on the purchase price. Use our Fee Estimator below to estimate your legal fees with Robertson LLP right now!

Please provide your home Purchase Price, Property Type (Condo or House), and Mortgage Amount and our team will e-mail you a no-obligation, individualized quote for your review within the hour.

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Disbursements will vary according to the value of the property and include items such as; land titles fees, courier services, tax searches, court runners, title searches and any other out of pocket costs our firm pays on your behalf to facilitate the closing of the transaction. To confirm your estimate quote today, contact our team now. Any additional charges or fees will be determined during our initial discussion with you concerning your individual real estate transaction. We work hard to understand our clients’ individual situations as best we can, to avoid any unforeseen expenses.

Why do I need a lawyer?

Here are just a few reasons why you require a lawyer to purchase property:

  • Your lawyer will review your legal documentation to ensure your rights are being protected;
  • Your lawyer will coordinate the entire closing working with all required parties to ensure success;
  • Real estate transactions in Alberta are typically closed utilizing lawyer trust conditions, unavailable to non-lawyers;
  • Lending institutions require a lawyer to draft mortgage documentation and deliver funds;
  • Legal representation is a preventative measure for any disputes that may arise and is invaluable if they do.

What is the Dower?

Dower rights protect the spouse of a registered owner of property. The Dower Act requires the spouse who is not on title to consent to any disposition of land.

These include;

  • a transfer, agreement for sale, lease for more than 3 years
  • mortgages or encumbrances intended to charge land with the payment of a sum of money
  • a devise or other disposition made by will

What about my regular mortgage payments?

All scheduled payments must be made, up to and including the closing date. If you have a scheduled payment for the closing date, you must still make this payment.

What do I do about getting my payout statement?

Once you have provided Robertson LLP with your account number, they will take care of attaining the payout statement on your behalf.

What is an estoppel certificate?

The estoppel certificate is a formal confirmation that acts as evidence that there are no contributions, assessments or fees of any kind that are overdue with regards to the particular condominium unit. Sellers of condominium units will be required to obtain an estoppel certificate prior to the Closing Date. The staff at Douglas Robertson will order one on your behalf should you require.

When will I receive my proceeds?

Provided registration has occurred prior to closing, you should receive your funds on the afternoon of the Closing Date.

When do I have to meet the lawyer?

Typically, you will need to meet with the lawyer 7-10 days prior to the Closing Date.

Why can’t I sign and scan my signature?

Alberta Land Titles requires original signatures on all documents.