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Many homes in Calgary boast a secondary suite making a property very appealing to potential buyers. A secondary suite is a self-contained living unit created within a single family home. The suite contains a kitchen, bathroom, and separate entrance. Secondary suites make a great investment, as they can provide extra income for the owner, and they often increase the value of the property upon re-sale.

It is important that any secondary suite built after December 31, 2006 complies with the requirements of the Alberta Building Code. The Alberta Building Code requires all secondary suites built after December 31, 2006, to have independent or separate heating/ventilation systems for the primary and secondary suite. Independent heating/ventilation can mean having two furnaces, or a combination of a furnace and supplemental heating.

Secondary suites are allowed in certain Land Use Districts and only on parcels with a single-detached dwelling. Secondary suites are not allowed on parcels with semi-detached, townhouse, or any other type of dwelling. Once an area qualifies for a secondary suite, appropriate development and building permits need to be approved by the City of Calgary.

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